Miguel Loureiro

Software Engineer


Front endskills


Back end skills

Name the language, I'm polyglot

From my point of view, at a certain point it's not about learning new programming languages, because you do know how to code or you don't. It's all about getting to know the features and for what purpose they were created. I have experience with PHP (4 and 5), Server side JavaScript ( Node.js ), Python, Java, C and I'm capable of getting to know other languages very quickly. You can see some projects I've made at the bottom of this page.

Framework Apologist

Yeaaaah... I have to admit how lazy I am. But hey! Haven't you heard a good engineer is a lazy person? I like to use frameworks when I see that suits the job. From Laravel, CodeIgniter and Symfony on PHP, to Django on Python and Sails on NodeJS.

Performance & Scalability

Scaling things is my passion. I like to build products always with scalability in mind. Even with small projects I'm always thinking on how can I improve the architecture of the product, what technology should I use for each specific project needs and so on...


I have a strong background on relational databases. Working some years with LAMP and LEMP stacks I've made a bunch of projects with SQL and I feel really confortable with it. But...

I'm not a guy who sticks to something because I'm confortable with, in some cases I know that using a non relational database better fits some projects. That said, I also like to use and have experience in MongoDB when I see it fits better.

Linux Administration & Networking

I love linux! I have skills on Linux Administration and Networking. My favorite distributions are CentOS and Debian.


Using cutting edge technologies is a must. I really like to explore all the benefits I can off HTML5 and CSS3 ( when I can ).

JavaScript & AJAX

With 2 years of professional experience with plain Javascript I can get almost every work done with it. Plus, I enjoy it! Although being an controversial language I really like it due to its flexibility, also I kinda believe it's turning on the most popular one.

The right tools for Modern Workflow

I'm always updating my tools and watching for the best ones in order to increase my productivity. Thanks to yeoman, I can easily work with bower, grunt and yo to quickly develop in a robust client-side stack.

Frameworks and SPA's

For large projects and Single Page Web Apps I like to use Open Source frameworks that help me deal with them. My frameworks of choice are Angular.js and Backbone.js.